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WAKE UP! and STAND UP and FIGHT! January 17, 2017

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Alright people this is it, you have a choice to walk around in despair and doubt or believe what the WORD says about you and who you are. We are in a war. This world is passing away, you are just a fleeting shadow. So if you you are BUMMED OUT, or feeling the bluesor feeling sorry for yourslef let me ask you WHY?
Is it because you have set goals to high you cannot reach them? or you placed your expectations on people who are prone to fail? You feel un loved? under appreciated? well I got one more…you dont like the way your made? well I have some words for you….
First, you need to suck it up! get up off the ground and wipe your self off and take a deep breath, this may sting a bit….
You see there is a war on for your mind….WHy? well there is a lot that goes into that but basically you are GOd’s child and the best way to get to someone you cannot beat is by hurting that which they love. SO the devil, the enemy of your soul attacks you and all his little demons reack havoc in your mind by telling you lies after lies to get you down and out so you miss those golden opps. The enemy cannot beat GOD so he goes after his kids, to hurt Him.
Now you say, “Hog wash, no such thing it is all in your mind”…ok then why you let it keep you down? YOu have been under attack since you  where born dear one. The father of lies has his minions repeat these lies “Your no good”, “Your ugly”, “You are worthless”, “No one cares for you” “You are just stupid”…fill in the blank….you get what I am saying? All of these feelings and mind grenades are meant to build strongholds in your life. What is that you say, well when in the old days when an army would come under attack they would re treat to their stronghold, a place of total protection and strength a layer of sorts. So you have these lies filling your head for MANY , MANY years you believe them and they become strongholds in your mind that determine how you live your life sometimes moment by moment.
An opportunity comes along for you to make a change and you freak out and freeze because you have always failed right? Why try again? So you never take a step and you are in a dungeon or something like that in your mind.What can break you free from this?
The WORD of GOD, Jesus and in His mercy gave us His WORD, hence why the world hates it so much. For the WORD of GOD is able to set the captive free, break those chains of oppression in your mind, it will renew your mind if you let it. It does NOT nessesarily happen over night but you did not become this way over night either.
So when the enemy comes at you to attack your mind and keep you in chains of oppression and slavery, you remind him of what the WORD says, that it is for FREEDOM Christ has set you free!. You need to praise the LORD and declare the praises of Him who set you free and rejoice in the LORD for He dwells with in the praises of His people.
It taks practice but for starters why not open your mouth and start to just thank jesus or thank GOD for all that he has done for you? Did you know that your pride will take you straight to hell? You can sit there laughing and mocking this for what I say I have proven to be true it works, but many folks will just laugh and dot do what the WORD says.
Many christian folks will not even READ the bible or listen to it and then wonder why they are so weak and emaciated when it comes to spiritual matters? You are an easy target for your weak. You need to work those spiritual muscles out and get built up in the LORD in the most holy Faith.
What did Jesus do when He came under attack from the devil? Did he go to a safe place and cry? Did he call up a pastor and cry telling himall the problems he had? Did he go to phscologist and get drugs to make him forget ? Nope, He SPOKE and said; “It is WRITTEN” He did not need to dance on His head, or jump about carrying on. (Not that there is anything wrong with that) yet you need to put into practice what Jesus Himself did, to find true joy and help. So as the title of this blog post says, WAKE UP! and STAND UP and FIGHT! You fught by Praising the LORD, thanking Him for all He has done, and speaking His word. Find out what His WORD says about you and your situation, you will find that He moves in ways that you cannot tell or know.
This is just the begining.  if you want to know more, if you want to find peace , spiritual healing then turn to the ONE who created you not to someone else who does NOT have the answers? Try it have faith and you will see little by little or in a wave of glory you will understand you will find relief….WAKE UP! and STAND UP and FIGHT!


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