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February 23, 2014

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here are a few new media uploads to my servers thought you might like the change.  For starters I thought you might lke to rock out to some pretty cool new jams of mine.

http://markallanwolfe.com/media/cosmic breakdown.mp3

http://markallanwolfe.com/media/surfing on the edge.mp3

http://markallanwolfe.com/media/backwoods stomp.mp3

“This last song starts out like some backwoods country hike but you quickly find you are not in any woods you think”



This is a song made for Film, TV and anywhere else you might need it. The song is indie rock / pop rock. All music is pre cleared and ready for immediate licensing. For more info on Mark and his music, please visit markallanwolfe.com

I also wanted to share this other peice of artwork I been working on lately, I have this and a few others working on for a possible album cover of brand new material. I have the face of the WOlf staring out of the moon with a lone wolf in the forground having tounges of fire coming from throughout the wolf, as well as grey blue smoke representing the mysticism of the animal.

Into the night

This is artwork for an upcoming release of new online albumn by Mark Allan Wolfe

What do you believe? February 7, 2014

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Here is an excerpt from a J Michael Dolan BLOG posting that I thought was pretty helpful and so may you. I am always trying to encourage my artists and friends , fellow musicians as well in the pursuit of their craft. You never know when you will make a name for yourself or strick it big. My motto is CAN’T don’t work here!

Stay in touch by also visiting markallanwolfe.com and


It’s a big lie, that because of the massive changes in industries like music, publishing and television, that your chances of being successful are less.

It’s a big lie, that other artists & entrepreneurs are not anxious & edgy about what’s happening in the culture of art, tech and business today.

It’s a big lie, that very soon the exponential growth of technology will finally slow down and become the “new normal.”

It’s a big lie, that building a tribe of fans, followers and customers before your next product is produced, released or shipped is a waste of time & money.

It’s a big lie, that people who are ahead of you in technology got there because they’re smarter than you.

It’s very TRUE that a lack of confidence is the greatest killer of worthwhile ideas and personal genius.

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