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A quick thought about my day December 7, 2013

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horses around the corner


I was so blessed this afternoon running errands with my darling and by our home was like 5-6 horse chilling on this dude farm like always but they were real close to the gate so I , we, had to stop and say hi to them there were the coolest animals beside my dogs and cat.  I had such a time just chilling with her feeding these wondeful animals some were brown some were carmel or white. There was of course the one alpha and the rest just chilled.  As I looked at these awesome animals I could not help think a few things, of how over the centuries these animals helped mankind work, survive, thrive and grow. How we have worked together with these and other animals yet many folks either abuse them, or do not REALLY care for them. It is a shame.

It just amazes me that GOD is so righteous and cool that He gave mankind these wonderful beast to work with him. They are to me so powerful and awesome and I think that Jonathan Swift when writing Gulliver’s Travels got it right with the Houyhnhnms. I would encourage you all for a good read or for a good entertaining movie check out  http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0115195/

If your interested in learning more about his ideas check out these links below. The key here is to EDUCATE yourself. ANYONE can debase himself, anyone can be evil and mean it takes a real person of character to rise above the dirge of society. Then once you are being filled with light you then can share it with this dark world.

Anyways I had a wonderful experience feeding these wonderful beast who loved me back in return. I thought about their history, they have feelings to some degree I am sure. They are truly magnificent creatures! Enjoy  your day as I have enjoyed mine. Spend it with those you love, tell them and show them often for you never know how long you will be blessed with their presence.

If you are reading this and thinking that I am strange or silly maybe you need to spend some time with nature and animals or with those you love, and recall how precious life REALLY is. That there are always going to be evil people and there are always going to be kind, good hearted folks. Do not let this world make your heart so hard that you forget to take time to stop and smell the roses for as quickly as blinking your eyes you can lose it and it will be taken away in a flash. You then will long for these few moments when you stopped to hold someones hand, looked at a sunset, walked on the beach. It is cool This is the time of the year to be thankful and love folks. Rejoice.


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