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March 17, 2011

Posted by markallanwolfe in Uncategorized.

I have a very big client looking for a song that sounds close to AudioBully’s “Only Man” in terms of BPM and vibe? Lyrics are not that important, but should be close. This is for a brand advertisement, need ASAP http://ping.fm/W0jLl


1. Chris Winham - March 18, 2011

Hey mark I’ve been working on a sound alike that is targeted toward your client that wants something that sounds like Audiobully song it’s instrumental but has basically the same groove and melody. Could Fileblaze it to you if music hasn’t been chosen yet

markallanwolfe - March 19, 2011

Hey Chris

I still need the track if you have something close maybe it will work it is not really up to me, only supply the jam and if it makes them happy then wlla we got some business. Looking forwards to hearing it and talk more to you this week.


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