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Some News about Wolfie’s Music October 30, 2010

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Well it has been some time since my last entry into this wonderful little insight into the mind of a musician and just another crazy composer. I have been busy at doing a lot of things, creating, living and trying to do what I feel I need to do. I thought I would share with all of you some thoughts along the way.

Well I have been creating a large amount of grooves for a company out in the UK called MOFILM. I create tracks exclusively for there customers to use in a variety of different ways. Some of those being commercials for Home Depot, Wal Mart, AT&T, COke, Budlight,Ben & Jerrys and the list is growing everyday so it seems. I am very humbled and very excited as well. I get to create a multitude of different styles and genres and not having to stick with on genre.

I have supplied music for a variety of different E-Card companies that make greeting cards and other unique online tools that help people express their hearts in more ways than one can imagine. I mean it is so beautiful in how we can live in such and age where the only limit so it seems is our own imagination,….well maybe money too.

I have been very blessed to have my music played over the airwaves from Russia to Australia to Germany to Hong KONG, I am also being played all over the world in a variety of stores and restaurants via a few outlets that are like satellite radio that play music over the sound systems at those locations. I also have the pleasure of playing on Jango,iLike,itunes,amazon and a handful of other online music outlets some that you pay for and others that you can listen for free.

I wanted to say as well that I am going to try and find time to start making like a little blog page or something about some of the songs I have written like what I was inspired by,what was I thinking when creating them and all that. If you think that is cool and you would like to share your thoughts like what you where thinking when you listened to it that would be a pretty cool thing right on?

Well I am off today to trying to get some songs mastered and spend sometime with my kids later. If you read this humble letter or listen to my music please take a moment of your time to share with me what you think of my music.

Be cool and Happy being alive day.
Mark Allan Wolfe

October 12, 2010

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New songs uploaded today on markallanwolfe.com and http://ping.fm/L1Qs7
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