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New songs update October 21, 2009

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Thought I would like to add to your day another announcement that I have some great new songs available for FREE download!! Either at my homepage http://www.markallanwolfe.com or linkedin.com/markallanwolfe
songs called,”sometimes”;”All the way”; and “in your arms” Give them a listen you maybe surprised.

Another day, another learning experience October 21, 2009

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Well my internet friends and family it is another day. Another try at reaching out, another day and stretching the hand across the sea of strangers to try and make friends. Another day of resisting the urges that come both good and bad. I wanted to give you a few inspirational thoughts to encourage you some how today.

I know that the greatest gift that you can give is yourself. When you need something you need to give that which you need away. I know sounds wierd but try it once. Go ahead and see what happens, I mean if you need some love give it, if you need a smile share it,if you need a friend be on, if you need money …give some. Wait a minute what did you just say? Give money away? I know sounds strange but you can talk about anything but when it comes to money you better be still because they will floor you.

How many times do you find that the above aforementioned maybe true. You need love give it away, and all that. When it comes to money the temperature changes. How and why is that? can it be that we are selfish little creature who deceive ourselves into thinking that we are not by deluding our conscience into thinking that we are special because we give our time and stuff away. You are really not giving until you give your money away. Wow that is a hum dinger how can you say that? Because that is the last thing we usually hold onto. Our wallet.

I know that some of us can do it with no problem but have a problem giving love or time to some one, yet money is easy to give away. It really is, we give it to the soda shop dude,the seven eleven,the online movie site, the cigars the things we WANT. When it comes to giving it to some stranger or to help some one that is a different story.

I would like to challenge all of you today. To give that which is the most hardest thing to give away today. Wether it be time, love, a smile, appreciation, and yes money. Watch and see what will happen. You may not see it at first but there will be a seed planted in your heart that will one day bring forth a harvest of righteousness. for both you and the person your giving it to.

It also works the other way I might add. To be selfish will also bring forth a harvest of trouble, sorrow and pain. Now you ask yourself why are you a musician telling me to give money away? You probably want it for yourself? I never even asked for any of it. I am sharing these little thoughts to you for the pure motvie to help make this world a little better for every one.

To challenge you to become a better person, to believe in your self to inspire is what me as an artist is to do. Not just to entertain. I am excited to think about everyone who is going to take these small steps today that what a better place this will be and how later you will email me and thank me for helping you become liberated and those that you blessed will be so happy they will do the same.

In Love

Mark Allan Wolfe


New songs added October 19, 2009

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Hey everyone,

Just thought I might bring you guys up to date with some great new songs just created. I think so anyways. I have been in the studio here cranking out a bunch of new ones. I think my biggest problem and joke is I make them so fast I cannot remember there names and I sometimes find that I go mastering a few songs and turn around and go back and mix the same songs twice. That’s silly and shows my do de do mind set at times.

I really think they are great songs, Ijust need to remember where to place them for every on to listen. I have some cool rock guitar songs like; “Fircracker”, “sugar baby”,”Hammer”,”Draft”,”Mother of pearl”, “Push it”, “Pop rocks”; to some groovine acoustic jams like;” Time”,”Acoustic pedals”,”Saturday”.

Then there are some other songs that I cannot describe more or less like mellow mystical,meditation type songs that seem to come from out of thin air. I like when I stay up late, record a song and I am totally into the thing when I am making it, but forget about it and the next day I’ll be working and see this file and go what is that song, “Oh yeah dude that song is killer!” Go ahead and laugh but I think some of you might know what I am talking about. When you are like me and got a million things going on at once, a note log to keep notes on what your notes.

Well I am trying to get caught up, if you feel like helping me out and becoming part of something verycool and want to help then send me an email. If you find that you want to buy a cd or down load an album please visit my website, www.markallanwolfe.com or itunes or AMAZON and look for me I am also on noisyplanet.com/markallanwolfe

I also have anoter song called “Sugar Baby” great for extreme sports,sports videos and action sequencing. Feel free to visit the sites and contact me if you would like more info regarding how I can help you get the music you need for your next productions.

Mark Allan Wolfe



Music Update! October 11, 2009

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Well if you have been keeping up to date with what has been going on you would know that there are a lot of wonderful things going on in our lives and with the Music of Mark Allan Wolfe and Wolfie’s Music Publishing. For starters we just signed a few more agreements with a couple of new catalog companies to help promote and spread my music abroad. I am excited about the prospects but ultimatly I guess it depends on wether the music is good enough for the clients.

Right now as I am sitting here typing this I am being blessed by listening to a new song I wrote called “Talkin Dolphins”; a very sublte jam with a laid back groove. Very mellow with a hypnotic melody and bass line that sort of helps you get into a peaceful state of mind and spirit. I would recomend to check it out.

There is also another tune called;”Captova key” has a nice vibraphone and congos to make you want to go get a bahama mama, no that is a drink by the way, and sit down under a palm tree and chill out with the waves in the background.

Sometimes, well most of the time when I write, they come so fast and I record them to get the ideas out I forget what I record. I may dig a few right off the bat and I listen to those but then I find that some of the other songs are really dynamite and chilaxing.

Wow! That is so much like how I am in life too. I mean I get all stirred up in my heart over something and go after it full throttle, and I sometimes forget to look at the flowers along the path and miss out on the beauty of the journey. Help me Jesus to not be that way anymore. I wonder if you feel that way as well? Do you go after something and forget to smell the flowers along the way. I am really liking these songs I wrote that I mentioned, great for Sunday morning sunrise and coffee with the birds in the background singing along. Makes for a great, hopefilled heart to swell over and burst onto this typewritter and flow thru these words to your mind.

Back to what I was saying,

I just finnished creating a load of fast, hard hitting guitar promo cues a few of them pitching to FOX so keep your hand inside the vehicle and buckle your seat beat and hold on tight this maybe a wild ride. I also had my song;”Racing”placed in a independant film. The song racing is a type ofblood pumping,gear charging hit the ground running rock song. So when the film is set to be released I will let you know that as well.

I have had a few other placements and songs release this past month but I do not remember the titles right this moment. I can post them online  later today. I would also ask that some of you would take a few of these songs and place them on your sites,share them with your friends and help me spread the word. You never know who may be listening or may want to use the songs. That isthe beauty of the web, you never really know who is doing what, or when, and deffinatly why.

Let me know how you been using the jams, you never know I may just post your words online unless you tell me to keep it under wraps.

Be sure to also visit my myspace blog and to bookmark this one to stay up to date with everything. If you have anyideas or thoughts about things please write me and share them with me. If you do not mind I may place them online unless you tell me with those as well.

Rock on everyone and May the LORD richly bless you as you seek His face…..

Mark Allan Wolfe


NEWS FLASH October 8, 2009

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I wanted to tell the world that Wolfie’s Music (ascap) a division of Mark Allan Wolfe  is going to be creating guitar driven music and acoustic rock n roll, available for licensing. Now there still will be available electronic and orchestral songs and cues but for the most part I am going to be creating guitar driven cues. From heart pounded, flesh melting shreeding , to soft pillows, meditating, eat some mushrooms, world peace camp fire music.

If you are making an action packed scene or extreme sports to car crashing smash ups you will like the crisp clarity of the double humbucker and the familar tone of a Fender strat. Something  else that you may find interesting is that it is new, music that is current yet slightly different. Music that is ahead of its time. I feel that a lot of my music has been from a different perspective. I am a guitar player making music from that point of view not a keyboard player playing a sampler filled with sounds and textures.

Not to say that there are people who cannot do this but it is like me trying to play polka when I am a guitar player. I understand the dynamics of the instrument where someone who only uses samples of one cannot accurately create the same ambiance.

I will also be making available acoustic guitar based cues and songsthat will warm your heart and also make you want to sing along. Of course there will always be a little of variety of instruments utilized in this process but the main instruments of choice will be the guitar in various forms.

I have been wanted to make this known for sometime now, about the guitar based cues and thought it was time to make the annoucment. I have also been creating various cues that are pretty close to the stuff used on FOX for “House” and “Lie to Me”. I am not trying to sound like the dude but I mentioned it because that is what some of my producer friends relate to as they email me.

If this sounds like somthing you may be interested in please do not hesitat to contact me. If you are also a professional vocalist and would like to collaborate with me then lets work together to creat something really special.

I wanted to also thank all my friends and fans and all of you that take the time out every now and then who drop me a line to say hello. I am glad that my music has been an ecouragement to you and to those of you who are music supervisoer thanks for using my cues and my music. I am glad that we have opend these doors.

Also please take time to visit my other BLOG posted at “Mark Allan Wolfe Blogged thoughts”

This is where I also place different thoughts and share my ideas with people. If you are interested in learning more about my newest projects and staying in contact with me that I urge you to email me and let me know what you are thinking and how I can help you.

Thank you for listening

Mark allan Wolfe


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